Old Dog? New Trick — Meet Breedwise Mobility Bites.

We are wagging our tails in excitement!

We are so pleased to introduce our latest product, Breedwise Mobility Bites. Since our beginnings, our goal has been to help our furry family members live their happiest and healthiest lives. We have helped treat anxiety and hyperactivity, and now we’re focusing on a new issue—joint health.

Our Mobility Bites are specially baked to treat the aches and pains of aging. Not every pup struggles with anxiety or hyperactivity, but all dogs will grow up eventually. And when our young pups turn into old dogs, their joints can turn into problems. Our Mobility Bites are our way to continue our mission of helping all animals, especially as they reach their later years.

Using a combination of thoughtfully sourced ingredients, we have combined traditional joint health remedies with our premium ingredient, TurmXtra, to help dogs live out their golden years.

We have designed our Mobility Bites to reduce inflammation and joint pain, so they can continue doing the things they enjoy most—going on runs, fetching sticks, and jumping on the bed to snuggle.

The idea for Mobility Bites was inspired by my own Goodendoodle, Rosie. It was Rosie’s anxiety that encouraged me to create our Breedwise Calming Bites two years ago. 

At the age of six, Rosie’s no longer a puppy (even though she sometimes still thinks she is). The signs of aging are starting to creep up on her. A few years ago, Rosie would have happily leaped from the back seat of my Toyota Sequoia into the dog park. Now, she patiently waits for me to carry her down. As a pharmacist, I treat several older customers for joint and muscle pain. I knew if I could help aging people, I could help aging pets as well.

Over the past year, the Breedwise team and I thoughtfully sourced premium ingredients that we knew would help mobilize aging joints. Our goal was to create a healthy dog treat that would ease the aches and pains of growing up. 

Ingredients like Methylsulfonylmethane, Glucosamine and Chondroitin help target and treat arthritis-like symptoms, but the secret to our Mobility Bites is our premium ingredient, TurmXtra.

TurmXtra’s main job is to reduce inflammation and increase ease of movement. It is a special concentration of turmeric called “curcumin”. Typical curcumin products often leave a distinct yellow coloration. We all know dogs tend to slobber, so we knew we needed a unique solution that didn’t leave stains all over our furniture—we call this the stain test. Unlike other curcumin products, TurmXtra is 10x more potent, giving it the same therapeutic effect at a fraction of the dose.

Our pets are our lifelong friends. To us, they are family and it is up to us to see to it that their older years are filled with as much activity as their younger years. There’s a special kind of joy in caring for a senior animal. Not all dogs are fortunate enough to see old age, so caring for a senior animal is truly something to cherish. They take care of us, now it’s our turn to take care of them.

You can place an order for our new Mobility Bites on our website or by tapping the button below.