Breedwise began in a unique place: a pharmacy in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our founder Kendrick Smith, Pharm.D., noticed that his team was filling many prescriptions for dogs. The Smiths have always welcomed dogs into their family. Kendrick’s passion for holistic wellness and his expertise in compounding led him to explore wellness solutions for dogs like Rex and Duke, Rosie and Scruffy, Callie and Casper. Breedwise now brings together the best of conventional medicine and homeopathic remedies. When our favorite canines have healthier, happier lives, we do too.

Giving Back

We pride ourselves in caring for our furry family members. But our passion for holistic wellness doesn’t stop with pets, and we have customers like you to thank for it.

Because of your continued support for Breedwise products, you have allowed us to work towards our other passion: fighting to end the international slave trade.

We donate a portion of every dollar we make to Rescue:Freedom International to help combat slavery and the exploitation of women and children around the world.

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