Thanks to you, we may have saved a life.

We pride ourselves in caring for our furry family members. But our passion for holistic wellness doesn’t stop with pets, and we have customers like you to thank for it.

Because of your continued support for Breedwise products, you have allowed us to work towards our other passion: fighting to end the international slave trade.

We donate a portion of every dollar we make to Atlas Free to help combat slavery and the exploitation of women and children around the world.

When you buy our wellness products for your four-legged friends, you are directly helping us defeat one of the worst monsters terrorizing the world today.

Our goal is to give as many women and children as we can a chance to enjoy a life with the same fundamental freedoms that we enjoy.

Breedwise is a family of pet-lovers who have joined together to foster freedom and elevate humanity for everyone. You have made this a reality. You have our sincerest gratitude

Why Atlas Free?

In the 19th century, British politician and abolitionist William Wilberforce brought an end to the slave trade in England. Less than two decades later, he established the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), the first humane society in modern history.

For both William Wilberforce and Breedwise, ending cruelty and mistreatment while fostering wellness is an inherent right that belongs to all beings.

Our founder, Kendrick Smith, Pharm.D. is a father of three lovely daughters and one extraordinarily fluffy goldendoodle.

As a pet-dad and a human-dad, the one thing he absolutely cherishes is the time he spends outdoors with his family.

For Kendrick and the rest of us at Breedwise, the freedom to go camping or explore the mountains with our loved ones is invaluable to us. We cannot begin to fathom a life where we do not have those fundamental freedoms.

We may be pet-people, but we are also human-people. As we care for the wellness of our fur babies, we too care about the wellness of humanity.

We love asking, “Where do you want to go with your dog?” For us, it’s a dream destination. For others, it’s not even a dream.

-And that’s what we’re fighting to change.

What is Atlas Free?

Atlas Free is a non-profit with global reach that rescues women and children from the horrors of sex trafficking and helps restore them to a better life.

Atlas Free partners with local teams in 25 countries to free those in captivity, and then hold their hands as they reenter society by providing loving safe-homes and even scholarships for young women to attend universities.

Atlas Free also employs outreach and educational training and prevention programs where trafficking is most rampant, addressing the issue at its core.

How you can help.

We here at Breedwise are active members and partners of Atlas Free and regularly participate in events and fundraisers.

You can participate along with us by simply continuing to care for the holistic well-being of your animals. In return, a percentage of every dollar we make is donated directly to Atlas Free.

For more ways on how you can make a difference, reach out to us at