The Stinky Mut - Breedwise Body Spray

There’s a reason you can’t purchase a ‘smelly dog’ or ‘wet dog’ scented candle in stores today.  It’s one of those smells you’d rather not have in your home if you can prevent it.  If you’re a pet owner, unfortunately it comes with the territory.  Not all dogs smell bad, whether it’s bad breath or a stinky coat, but some tend to more than others.  Luckily, there are a few great products out there that can help owners reduce their pet’s odor, while also taking care of their furry family members.  

We’ve all been there.  You go over to a friend’s home and you step inside and a whiff of wet dog hits you.  It’s not pleasant, it’s hard to shake and you leave vowing to never have your home smell like your animal.  

There can be a few causes for a stinky pup. Some can be diet related, other’s can be environmental. One of the main reasons is not bathing them frequently enough.  Dogs can get into all sorts of things inside and out that can cause dirt and stench to build up on the coat or skin.  If you start to notice a smell and it’s been a while since their last bath, grab your Breedwise treats and prepare a time to give them a sudzy soak.  Make it a family affair, get the kids involved and take care of your favorite four legged friend.

Another solution to try is body spray.  This can be a great solution if you’re about to travel, go over to a friend's place or worry they’ll leave their smell somewhere.  Breedwise Body Spray has a calming and subtle sweet vanilla pea scent that neutralizes existing odor with the sweet pea and vanilla infusion, which helps fight the toughest stinks and promotes and encourages relaxation. Our Breedwise plastic bottle is easy to carry and use, either at home or on the go. Take this with you to make sure your pup is always smelling his best after a hard day at work or play!