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At Breedwise we believe that dogs make life better. They keep us on our toes. They keep us healthy! 

Breedwise wants canine companions everywhere to have longer, happier lives. 

That’s why our founder, Dr. Kendrick Smith, Pharm.D., has developed a line of pet wellness products. For example, our signature Breedwise Calming Bites contain only organic, all-natural, and premium ingredients like Suntheanine® (L-Theanine).

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"I've tried many calming treats and some have worked 'okay' but yours I know I can truly count on time after time."
- Julie Crisp, Irvine, CA

Top Reasons Veterinarians Sell Breedwise Calming Bites at Their Clinics

  • Attractive point-of-sale display 
  • Custom formulation comes from an expert pet pharmacist who considered everything from flavor to palatability 
  • Thoughtful sourcing of all-natural and organic ingredients that help soothe hyperactivity and anxiety and calm the stomach
  • Contains no CBD
  • Proprietary soft chew matrix can serve as a pill pocket for other medications
  • Made in the USA at NASC Certified facility
  • Free from major allergens
  • Non-pharmaceutical option for cost-sensitive dog owners
  • Proven efficacy for various high-stimulation situations, including car rides to the clinic and separation anxiety

Dogs like the Hickory Bacon flavor, and everyone else benefits from a treat that takes the edge off without making dogs lethargic. 

Dr. Smith recommends that vets keep a jar of Calming Bites handy so that you can give them to anxious dogs 30 minutes before examination or treatment. 

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"Kingsley was a nightmare, but after a few Calming Bites, it was a night and day difference."
- Kelly Craven, Knoxville, TN