Breedwise Pet Provisions

Breedwise Body Spray


Our signature floral Breedwise Body Spray will keep any pooch smiling big and smelling good! 

  • PET DEODORIZER: This refreshing body spray helps your pet stay smelling clean in between baths. Works for cats and dogs.
  • REFRESHING SCENT: Sweet pea and Vanilla infusion helps fight the toughest stinks and promotes and encourages relaxation.
  • EASY TO USE: Our spray is a no brainer. Simply use as needed by spraying the dog from head to tail while avoiding the eyes, nose, and mouth and your dog will be ready to hit the trail.
  • CONVENIENT: Plastic bottle is easy to carry and use either at home or on the go. Take this with you to make sure your pup is always smelling his best after a hard day at work or play
  • A COMPANY THAT CARES: Our belief in helping others through holistic means doesn't end at just our furry friends. A portion of every dollar Breedwise makes is sent to Rescue: Freedom International to help combat slavery and the exploitation of women and children around the world.